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How we got started…

What do you get when you take a technology marketer and a manufacturing sales veteran and put them both in the in the craft industry together? In our case, we got much more than we bargained for. The marriage of our marketing and sales careers first came together at one of the largest manufacturers in the craft industry. It was there that we first realized, the craft industry, and most if not all, manufacturing is done backwards.

The idea for weCraft first came to us as we took part in a long, [wait]… very long, product development process for a manufacturer. “It shouldn’t be this hard to figure out what the customers who buy our products want, can’t we just ask them?”

It is now easier than ever to reach the end consumer, even if you don’t sell direct to consumers. The designers we worked with were out in the field with the consumers. They were not only telling us what the consumers wanted, they were showing us tools and tricks for using products found outside our industry to make their craft products work.  However, the process to get these products to market often took years, not months. Because of the lengthy process and cost associated with bringing a product to market, manufacturers often committed to large quantities of product from overseas based on a focus group of a handful of that manufacturer’s “fans.”  And in a trend driven industry the trends were often long gone before products could make it onto shelves.

It is our hope the marriage of our experiences in the craft industry will result in a worldwide craft community that becomes a showcase for the right way to manufacturer products. An example for the rest of the manufacturing world to see the best way to bring products to market is by becoming an active member of the community your consumers participate in… for crafts we believe the community is weCraft, and it’s all yours!

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