Creating Cards with Color Burst

by Betz Golden

Ken Oliver’s Color Burst is a lot of fun to play with, but today I wanted to make some cards with it by embossing an image first. By doing so it allows the color to pool in certain areas creating a gorgeous show stopper!

First take a background stamp (I used this gorgeous rose from Brutus Monroe) and ink it up on a stamp platform with Embossing Ink on watercolor paper. I stamped this image three times because the paper is extremely absorbent.

Emboss the image with Gilded Embossing powder.

Select three coordinating Color Burst Powders. If you do not want brown make sure you use colors in the same family. Keep your reds, oranges and yellows together and your blues, greens and pinks together. The only exception to this rule is purple. Purple will turn anything brown except for blue and red. Only use purple with blues and/or reds. As you can see I choose to use two shades of purple and one blue.

Tap the colors on the paper starting with the lightest to the darkest.

Using a fine mist spray the paper.

Keep spraying until you get desired results.

Set aside to dry and stamp your sentiment.

Run a piece or two of washi tape along the bottom of the card.

Assemble the card.

I created a video tutorial using reds, oranges and yellow for you! Please visit:

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Until Next Time ~ Happy Crafting!

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