weCraft is excited to share with you the new GHOST INK by Rinea! Ghost ink is specifically designed to remove color from foiled paper. In January of 2017, at Creativatio,n Betz Golden was working in the Rinea booth in which she stumbled across a new technique. She stamped an image and did not like the placement of it. The ink was still wet and she thought she could remove it with a Wet One (all she had on hand). When she removed the image it took off all of the color. She thought that was really cool and wondered what would happen if she let the ink dry. She tried it again letting it dry completely. It did not work at all. So, she tried it again waiting until it was almost dry — it worked! She showed it to the owners of Rinea and they were super excited too! They decided to go home and play with it for the next few months. The technique was hit or mess depending on what ink was used, humidity, and what was used to wipe the foil. Betz really wanted to showcase this fun technique, but there were far to many variables that did not always allow it to work. Rinea also played with it on their end and decided to come out with an ink specifically for this technique and their foiled paper. We are so happy about this because it opens up so many more ways to use this fabulous foiled paper.

Here is a tag Betz made using the Ghost Ink, Rinea Foiled Paper and Brutus Monroe stamps and supplies:


Betz has created a tutorial demonstrating Ghost Ink as well as some fun stamps and supplies from Brutus Monroe. You can find the video here!

Make sure to come back for more amazing inspiration!

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