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Project Description

Anita Houston

My name is Anita Houston, aka The Artful Maven,  and I live in Texas. I have been married to my best friend since 1993, and we have three gorgeous, smart, and outrageous children. I taught elementary school for 10 years, and then decided to work with my husband and help him run his business…no pun intended…well maybe!

As if all that were not enough I dabble in scrap-booking, painting, encaustics, general crafting, all things mixed media fun, photography, flea marketing and antiquing, cooking and baking, and the general hand dirtying fun. Being able to create something everyday and then share it with the cyber world makes me happy, and ignites a fire within me. I was so honored to be accepted to Ranger U in April 2012, which I am so so so proud of, and it really opened my eyes to the world of Art. Am I an Artist? I am still pondering that, because that is a title for the elite and exceptionally talented, and I don’t consider myself as such. I am just artful and enjoy getting in the mix of things. I love to teach, and teaching artsy things is a ‘work’ happiness that I’ve never known.Please join me and my love for all things crafty, by following me here, on my social media sites, or by taking one of my classes.

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